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1-9-2022: I have just removed Anime Face and Anime Face Zero from the App Store.

12-12-2021: Apple has decided that they will delist Anime Face soon if it is not updated. Since I don't have any desire to update it to work with the new OS and device sizes I plan to remove Anime Face and Anime Face Zero from the App Store around January 10th 2022.

11-4-2018: I have started working on a minor update to both versions of the application.

1-21-2018: I have finished the update which is scheduled to be released this week, with a price drop.

1-7-2018: I have finished development so now I just need to create all the new screen shots, and submit the update for Apple's approval.

12-10-2017: I think I have finished development to support iPhone X and iOS 11. So now I am just planning on adding new parts.

10-22-2017: Development is going slow on the next version since the UI requirements for the iPhone X is very different and I am running into problems getting it to work correctly. Once I finish adding iPhone X support, development should speed up as I will just be adding new parts.


Anime Face is a powerful Anime/Manga Face Maker that allows the creation of 3D Anime faces. Once a face has been created it can be saved as an image for use as an avatars or added to photos to create cool and funny pictures. Anime Face Zero is the free or lite version of Anime Face.
  • Customize the face by picking the eyes, mouth, hair as well as seven other categories
  • Millions of part combinations
  • Editing parts color, position, rotation and size allows for even more face possibilities
  • Use vibrant colors for Anime faces or just gray scale colors Manga faces
  • Rotate the face in 3D for finding the perfect viewing angle
  • Create images of the face as is, or add it to an existing image either as a whole or just a few select face features
  • Export created images to the photo library or through email

Version History:

2.5.1/2.4.3 - 11-30-2018
2.5/2.4.2 - 1-23-2018
2.4.1 - 10-3-2016
2.4 - 8-29-2016 (AF) and 9-5-2016 (AFZ)
2.3 - 11-26-2015 (AF) and 12-3-2015 (AFZ)
2.2 - 1-18-2015 (AF) and 1-25-2015 (AFZ)
2.1 - 7-21-2014 (AF) and 7-28-2014 (AFZ)
2.0 - 4-22-2014 (AF) and 4-29-2014 (AFZ)
1.4 - 6-27-2013 (AF) and 7-4-2013 (AFZ)
1.3 - 1-14-2013 (AF) and 1-21-2013 (AFZ)
1.2 - 9-3-2012 (AF) and 9-10-2012 (AFZ)
1.1.1 - 7-24-2012
1.1 - 4-24-2012 (AF) and 5-1-2012 (AFZ)
1.0 - 3-20-2012

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