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Anime Face and Anime Face Zero both come with a full help document accessible inside the application. So getting help is only a few touches away with the need to stop what you are working on. Until you get to know the application works I recommend that you leave the contextual help setting on just incase you need help while working in an area away from a standard help button.

Help me make this App even better, and you can help by emailing me feedback and suggestions. If you have any app related issues, or have feedback/suggestions please send an email to me at: -Enable Javascript to see email address-.

Known Bugs
If any of these bugs or a bug not listed here is a real problem for you please let me know and I will see what I can do to fix it.

  • With iOS 3 when restoring a state, the can be tab buttons that look enabled but really are disabled.
  • When scrolling the help content if you change pages while the page is still scrolling the next page will not start at the top like normal.
  • There could be an iOS 5 crash bug which if it exists it will crash when you change tabs or try to create a face. The working build has been tested on an iOS 5 and 5.1 device so it should be okay (I hope). The current build when building with the latest SDK crashes the 5.x simulators, but I have fixed this issue so it should not be an issue for the first update.

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